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Representing individuals and small-to medium-sized companies

At Aoki Law PLLC, we focus on complex litigation in the areas of business litigation, white collar criminal defense, and personal injury. Our criminal defense experience includes defending individuals in federal tax, investment, and bank-fraud prosecutions. Our business work includes representing nationally-known local businesses on commercial litigation matters. Our personal injury work spans from permanent disability to wrongful death claims.

We are a small firm, but we leverage advanced technology skills, typically found only in the largest firms, to handle big cases. Because of the prolific use of email communications, text messages, cloud storage, and massive data capacity of servers, even the simplest case may necessitate efficient handling of enormous volumes of data. This is our wheelhouse—the attorneys and staff at Aoki Law PLLC are adept at efficiently handle large volumes of discovery typically produced in today’s cases. Our technology skills translate into more efficient use of attorney time reviewing materials, leaving more time to develop strategies to best represent our clients.

Principal attorney Russell M. Aoki’s experience in efficiently managing large volumes of discovery has led to his being appointed by federal courts around the country as a Coordinating Discovery Attorney to assist defense counsel in creating more efficient review strategies for large volumes of discovery. He has been appointed as a Coordinating Discovery Attorney over 80 times in 19 jurisdictions.