Practice Areas
At Aoki Law PLLC our practice focus is on criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury cases. We work collaboratively with our clients to determine the best method to efficiently and effectively resolve their cases. For our civil cases, we look at the opportunity to obtain a final disposition without the need for extended litigation. For criminal defense cases, we look for whether a negotiated resolution is possible to eliminate the need or risk of a trial.

For either our criminal defense or civil cases, if there is a determination a case should proceed to trial, we work diligently to research all relevant legal issues, determine the need for investigative services, and whether a forensic expert testimony is necessary. As our work proceeds, we keep in constant contact with our clients so they know how our work is progressing, and do our best to keep extended litigation to a minimum.

Felony Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense experience is wide ranging with particular emphasis on representing individuals who are accused of crimes involving complex allegations of business fraud or drug smuggling. For cases involving fraud charges, our experience addressing both simultaneous civil lawsuits with federal criminal investigations has proven to be a valuable asset to the services we can provide clients.

Although most of our fraud and drug cases take place in U.S. District Court, we are experienced with criminal defense in the state court as well. We have represented individuals accused of murder, attempted murder, controlled substance homicide, assault (including domestic violence), arson, burglary and numerous state level sex and drug offenses.

Business Litigation

Our experience in business litigation has led us to represent some nationally recognized companies. Our clients include companies such as Hawaiian Airlines and Pike Place Fish Market. We address employment issues, breach of contract, conversion, interference with business expectations, business law suits, and corporate officers such as CEO & CFO responsibility.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice focuses primarily on serious injury accidents, professional malpractice, wrongful death cases, and permanent disability.  Our experience dealing with expert witnesses, large volumes of medical records and multi-party litigation has proven to be a strong attribute to our ability to effectively represent our clients.  As with most personal injury practitioners, our services are available on a contingent fee basis.  Under a contingent fee services agreement, our fees are paid out of any award or settlement.  The contingent fee practice allows any injured party to seek fair compensation regardless of their ability to otherwise finance legal services.