Leslie D. Miller

Leslie Miller received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University in 1983 and her law degree from the University of Oregon in 1986. She practiced law for six years in the area of civil litigation. She began working at Aoki, Sakamoto, Grant LLP in the fall of 2008 and is currently Discovery Project Manager/Legal Assistant at Aoki Law PLLC. She is responsible for managing and organizing the discovery (documents, photos, audio, and video files) in large multiple defendant federal criminal cases either through creation of Excel spreadsheets and PDF indexes or through on-line database systems. She is responsible for hiring and managing contract reviewers to code information and training lawyers on the use of technology for organizing and accessing discovery. She served as a trainer for the Law & Technology Workshop Series: Techniques in Electronic Case Management put on by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Office of Defender Services, Training Branch in September 2010.

Ms. Miller also assists on criminal defense cases in both state and federal court, business litigation matters regarding corporate officer fraud, mortgage fraud and securities fraud, as well personal injury litigation involving permanent disabilities or wrongful death.