Coordinating Discovery Attorney
In 2010, the Administrative Office of the U.S. District Court, Defender Services appointed Mr. Aoki as Coordinating Discovery Attorney for major criminal cases prosecuted in the U.S. District Courts across the country.

The position of Coordinating Discovery Attorney (CDA) was established by the Office of Defender Services to aid Criminal Justice Act (CJA) attorneys and federal defenders with large volumes of electronic discovery. CJA attorneys are private lawyers appointed by the federal court to represent people charged with crimes. There are over 12,000 CJA attorneys and federal defenders nationwide, many with a need for more resources and expertise in handling cases with a high volume of electronic discovery.

In each case received by the Coordinating Discovery Attorney, the U.S. District Court judge has determined the necessity of appointing an expert and concluded that counsel will not be able to organize and assess the complexity of discovery without expert aid. The Coordinating Discovery Attorney is then responsible for assessing the discovery, ascertaining counsels' level of technological sophistication, and determining the best method for reviewing discovery.

Mr. Aoki has been an integral part in the formation of the Coordinating Discovery method. In 2005, Mr. Aoki became a member of the United States District Court's Technology Working Group for the Western District of Washington and helped create Best Practices Policies for criminal cases involving large volumes of documents, wiretaps, and surveillance videos. Since then, he has been appointed Coordinating Discovery Attorney in numerous cases, providing support in high volume criminal defense cases. Mr. Aoki also sits on an ad hoc expert panel for the Office of Defender Services, addressing technology issues that face Federal Defenders and CJA attorneys.