About Us
At Aoki Law PLLC, our focus is on fulfilling the needs of our clients, our profession, and our community. So in fact, itís really not Ďabout usí at all.

ÖItís about You
We pride ourselves on developing strong client relationships. We are unique in that our lawyers and paralegals are not driven by billable hour requirements Ė we donít have any. At Aoki Law PLLC, we understand that gaining a long-term relationship founded on trust benefits both our clients and our firm.

Our clients can have confidence that our skills allow us to address a multitude of legal issues from relatively simple matters to complex and document-intensive litigation. Our firm is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell for being preeminent in our legal abilities. We utilize the skills and knowledge we have acquired from years of practice in wide-ranging cases to best represent each client.

ÖItís about our Profession
It has always been our goal to provide both outstanding legal service as well as outstanding community leadership to promote the legal profession. By holding leadership positions in bar associations and by contributing to the legal community, we stimulate the development and the success of our profession.

ÖItís about our Communities
We understand that by giving our time to causes we believe in, we will support and improve the community around us. We donate our time and services to legal clinics and non-profit organizations, working to help those without resources. We recognize that giving back is one of the most important things that we can do.

Öand the World
Aoki Law PLLC has also made a pledge to our clients and to the environment by committing our firm to becoming as paperless as possible. With the adoption of new technology, our firm is able to move forward out of the inefficient and wasteful paper consumption that once characterized the legal profession. We are able to run a more tech-savvy and efficient operation, benefiting both our clients and the world around us.